uedbet最新官网登录高等教育联盟是uedbet最新官网登录各主要高等教育机构共同努力、共同迈向新高度的平台. 为了实现这一目标,uedbet最新官网登录首页将其活动分为五个不同的合作领域:


Advancing Curriculums and Learning Approaches

  • With new knowledge and technology emerging more rapidly than ever, 负责培养青年进入职业世界的学习环境也必须进步,以反映不断变化的环境.

Assuring Quality in Higher Education

  • 创建一种重视质量的学术文化,对于确保顶尖院校保持强大和发展中院校热衷于如何继续发展至关重要.

Developing Student Skill Through Cross-Border Exposure and Experiences

  • The capabilities of our youth is a direct indicator of our prosperity. In today’s world, 这是无价的经验,扩大他们的视野,并与他们的国际同行见面.

Promoting and Cultivating Academic and Research Cooperation

  • 学术界存在的主要原因之一是为了进一步丰富人类的知识宝库. 这就是为什么uedbet最新官网登录将学者联系起来,并为他们在追求知识的过程中提供合作研究的机会是非常重要的.

Serving as a Platform for Networking

  • To facilitate ASEAN higher education institutions in their cooperation, 该联盟是一个平台和渠道,将这些顶级机构联系在一起,并与有兴趣与这些机构合作的地区以外的各方进行有意义的工作.

uedbet最新官网登录首页 Key Strategic Outcomes

Outcome Indicators


1. ASEAN Awareness


Knowledge and understanding via exposure and competency building

SO 1.1: Knowledge about the ASEAN Identity

SO 1.2:对uedbet最新官网登录地区不同文化、语言和宗教的知识和敏感性

SO 1.3: Understanding of history and cultural heritage

SO 1.4: In-depth knowledge of the ASEAN community

SO 1.5: Competency in cross-cultural communication

SO 1.6: Increased leadership skill

2. Lifelong Learning in Higher Education  教育终身学习在实践中得到实践. 

SO 2.1: Skills in learning from a variety of media platforms

SO 2.2: Job readiness/employability

SO 2.3: Social, cultural, and civic engagement

3. Education for Sustainable Development Sustainable Development has been promoted by HEIs in ASEAN.

SO 3.1: Knowledge and awareness of sustainable development

SO 3.2: Behavioral changes

4. Higher Education Quality Assurance and Enhancement 高等教育水平和质量不断提高.

SO 4.1:uedbet最新官网登录高校的质量体系和管理得到了持续、全面的改进和提升

SO 4.2:uedbet最新官网登录大学的学习课程/学位课程在以世界一流课程为基准时达到了高质量标准

5. University-Industry Partnership Collaboration between Universities and the Industrial Sector, and other sectors, have been strengthened.

SO 5.1:短期-低强度,强调知识和技术转移(一次性事件/项目)

SO 5.2:中期——专注于学术创业和人力资源培训与交流(合作项目)

SO 5.3:长期研究合作/服务和投资/共享基础设施

6. Capacity Building for Educators and Universities Capacity-building programmes for teachers, academics, 和其他教育界的主要利益相关者,以达到所需或理想的知识和能力水平

SO 6.1: Policy-related capacity (ASEAN/ASEM Level)

SO 6.2: Curriculum capacity

SO 6.3: Teaching capacity

SO 6.4: Assessment capacity

SO 6.5: Quality assurance capacity

7. End outcomes designated by each uedbet最新官网登录首页 Thematic Network, excluding SO 1-6 Strategic Outcomes as formulated by each uedbet最新官网登录首页 Thematic Network

SO 7.1: End outcomes of uedbet最新官网登录首页-BE

SO 7.2: End outcomes of uedbet最新官网登录首页/SEED-Net

SO 7.3: End outcomes of uedbet最新官网登录首页ILO

SO 7.4: End outcomes of uedbet最新官网登录首页-HRE

SO 7.5: End outcomes of uedbet最新官网登录首页 USR&S

SO 7.6: End outcomes of uedbet最新官网登录首页-ACTS

SO 7.7: End outcomes of uedbet最新官网登录首页-HPN

SO 7.8: End outcomes of uedbet最新官网登录首页-AEC

SO 7.9: End outcomes of uedbet最新官网登录首页-DPPnet

SO 7.10: End outcomes of uedbet最新官网登录首页-SAN

SO 7.11: End outcomes of uedbet最新官网登录首页-SCUD

SO 7.12: End outcomes of uedbet最新官网登录首页-CA

SO 7.13: End outcomes of uedbet最新官网登录首页-UIE

SO 7.14: End outcomes of uedbet最新官网登录首页-ADERA

SO 7.15: End outcomes of uedbet最新官网登录首页-EEC

SO 7.16: End outcomes of uedbet最新官网登录首页-QA

SO 7.17: End outcomes of uedbet最新官网登录首页-TEPL

Inter mediate Outcomes 8. ICT in Higher Education 信息通信技术在高等教育中的应用在质量和可及性方面得到了最大限度的提高. SO 8.1:通过使用信息通信技术提供和获取优质资源
9. Information and Knowledge Exchange 网络内部和外部的信息/知识流动增加了.

Strategic outputs 9-11 share common output indicators:

SO-a: Access to new knowledge/new technology/knowledge transfer

SO-b: New collaboration/networking

SO-c: Research and development improvements

SO-d: Enhanced capability

SO-e: Brand name leverage

SO-f: Expansion of geographical reach

10. Academic Resource Exchange Talents, Technology, Education, Material, etc. have been shared and exchanged.
11. 非盟秘书处和专题网络秘书处提供的服务 每个非盟专题网络的任务和目标部分是通过非盟秘书处的协调和支持实现的.