5 July 2020

uedbet最新官网登录首页-QA welcomes 10 new associate members

Banjong Ujjin
uedbet最新官网登录首页 Senior Programme Officer;

The uedbet最新官网登录首页-QA Council has approved 10 new universities from the ASEAN region to join the uedbet最新官网登录首页-QA Network as uedbet最新官网登录首页-QA Associate Members during the uedbet最新官网登录首页-QA Council Meeting in April 2020. We are delighted to see that our network is continuously growing bigger and stronger every year! Big thanks to our existing members for your continuous support! And we would like to officially welcome the 10 New uedbet最新官网登录首页-QA Associate Members!

Click the link to the document below to see the list of new uedbet最新官网登录首页-QA Associate Members!