12 July 2022


Patitin Lertnaikiat

第270届uedbet最新官网登录首页-QA课程评估于6月20日至24日举行, 2022 and uedbet最新官网登录首页-QA was given the pleasure to welcome Cagayan State University from the Philippines as one of its newest Associate Members. uedbet最新官网登录首页-QA is proud to announce the partnership and is greatly looking forward to the positive collaborations ahead.

Cagayan State University (CSU) is one of the premier higher learning institutions in Region II and the only state university in the province of Cagayan. 成立于6月11日, 1978, CSU to this day continues in serving to be the higher education institution mandated to fulfill its thrusts in Instruction, Research, Extension, and Production. Since then, CSU through its great success is now composed of 8 enabling campuses that are strategically positioned in the different parts of the province.


为期5天的在线/远程课程评估期间, uedbet最新官网登录首页-QA有机会评估来自CSU的4个项目. 评估的CSU的4个方案如下:

  1. 医学检验科学理学学士学位
  2. 中等教育学士
  3. 土木工程学士学位
  4. 电气工程学士学位


整个在线/远程站点访问, 向uedbet最新官网登录首页-QA介绍了各方案的各种设施和成就. 在5天的评估过程中, the uedbet最新官网登录首页-QA was thrilled to conclude the sessions with the welcoming of Cagayan State University as one of the newest Associate Members.